Being foreign

Blue eyes
Blonde hair
White skin
A recipe for fitting in
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Post baby body

High School

Way back when, I remember chatting with my mom. She claimed that before having kids she had a large chest. Honestly, I didn’t believe it. No way! I just laughed it off. It was impossible!

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Eat your veggies! [produce saver]

Most evenings I eat a large salad. I love salads, but I don’t enjoy making them. What has been frustrating (besides the cost of eating healthier … I do plan on starting a small vegetable garden next year so feel free to share your tips!) is that by the time I’m done preparing my salad, my husband has already finished eating his entire dinner!

Washing all of the veggies and fruits was extremely time consuming and when I tried to wash any of the produce in advance, it wilted almost immediately. Way to motivate me Mother Nature!

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