Post baby body

High School

Way back when, I remember chatting with my mom. She claimed that before having kids she had a large chest. Honestly, I didn’t believe it. No way! I just laughed it off. It was impossible!

This is the time when my chest exploded and I hated it. It was too large … Nothing looked cute on me … I felt I looked trashy (Dare I say – slutty). I hated the thought of summer time. Ugh … bikinis. I dreamt of a smaller chest. Not too small, but definitely not this large. Did I really have the right to complain? I was a size 0 with a D chest …. Plump and perky.

Pregnancy #1 & 2

When I first got pregnant with baby #1, I didn’t give it much thought as to what would happen to my chest. Gosh … It got even larger … 2 sizes larger. At least I had a belly that balanced everything out. My chest actually made my belly look smaller. Same thing happened with pregnancy #2.

Karma is a b*tch

Once I was done nursing, everything changed.

You’re so vain

My chest became small … Not a good small … A sad small.

Excess skin
Stretch marks (I had these before because my chest grew big quickly, but now they are a lot more noticeable)

Yes, I wanted a smaller chest, but I ended up with the worst kid of smaller chest! What I would give to have my High School chest back!

Again, do I have the right to complain? I’m back to my pre-baby size and gained no pregnancy stretch marks. I have two beautiful boys.


Something is off … I don’t feel like the woman I once was. Do I need a little nip and tuck? The thought of putting something in my body scares me … Maybe just a little lift? Get rid of the excess skin? I don’t know … Maybe I just need to embrace my new body … Adapt to the change. Maybe …


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