Being foreign

Blue eyes
Blonde hair
White skin
A recipe for fitting in

Remembering high school
The things that were said
They are worse than the blacks
I heard some students spread

What race do you pick?
I don’t see any that will do the trick

When I looked at myself
White I could see
But that’s not what others saw
When looking at me

In College, I was told
It’s rude. Keep it to yourself.
Nobody needed to know
That I have never gotten
A visit from The Elf on the Shelf

I met a nice guy
Whose friend wasn’t impressed
He called my kind disgusting
Not one of them! He stressed

Later in my 20s
Christmas came up one more time
Are you a terrorist?
Was being me a crime?

Words can cut deep and
The road to acceptance be steep
Love yourself and others
Before we know it
It’s time for eternal sleep


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